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January 23, 2018
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January 23, 2018

Kashmir White Granite is an Indian granite mainly originated from Madurai .Kashmir White Granite worktops can compliment beautifully both the contemporary and the traditional desired kitchen look. Kashmir White can work well at being the fabulous dramatic contrast to Black Gloss kitchen cabinets through to creating a really light sleek look when teamed with white cabinet doors.

The dark reddish-brown spots that appear in the Kashmir White pattern can also be a stunning match for the warmth of cherry wood finish cabinets whether it is for the kitchen or home office. Kashmir White Granite, sometimes alternatively known as Cashmere White, is beautifully interesting granite with a very varied pattern.

The Background color of the Kashmir white granite worktops is a creamy off white color or winter white. There is often some grey to black mottle which can form quite a striated pattern across the slab. There are also small reddish- brown spots randomly distributed that make up part of the pattern.