Kashmir Gold

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January 23, 2018
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January 23, 2018

Kashmir Gold Granite is an igneous stone which originated from Madurai, India, created several billion years ago. Naturally beautiful and durable, Kashmir Gold granite is prized for exterior cladding, countertops, water features, or wherever a long lasting material is needed. Kashmir Gold granite is scratch resistant, weather resistant and sanitary. Quarried in India, Kashmir Gold granite brings an intrinsic value to any project it enhances.

Kashmir Gold is basically from Madurai, India. It uses in Bathroom, Wall cladding, counter top, Shower, Dimensional stone, and Flooring residential.

  • Compressive Strength : 977 kg/cm2
  • Water Absorption : 0.36%
  • Density : 2560 kg/m3
  • Flexural Strength : 11,9 – 13,7 N/mm2.