Black Pearl

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January 23, 2018
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January 23, 2018

Black Pearl granite is Indian granite originating from Andhra Pradesh. Black Pearl is one of the most popular granites not entirely due to its cost effectiveness but also to its versatility and dark, elegant appearance. Although its base colour is black, many other subtle colours can be seen within the granite that set it apart from other traditional black stones.



Within its dark background, Black Pearl holds traces of silver, blue, green and grey. This means that it compliments most colour schemes and styles, both contemporary and traditional, and goes particularly well with metallic and block colours. When choosing colour schemes Black Pearl granite worktops enable you to obtain a neutral effect without blandness, thus creating a timeless look that can be easily updated over many years by simply introducing accent points of colour into the room with accessories that can easily be changed.

Also on a practical point of care the subtle tones that mottle the Black Pearl granite mean that it is easier to maintain on a day to day basis than some of the plainer black granites available on the market.

Indian Black Pearl Granite is actually a syenite, a coarse-grained intrusive igneous rock of the same general composition as granite but with the quartz either absent or present in relatively small amounts (<5%). The feldspar component of syenite is predominantly alkaline in character (usually orthoclase). Plagioclase feldspars may be present in small quantities, less than 10 %.)